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​​​Gail Dixon is the founder/producer and co-host of the “Partners in Health and Biz” radio show, which celebrated seven years of broadcasting on Sept. 25, 2018. Gail specializes in health and wellness.  Her multiple years of experience as a health and wellness consultant makes her one of the leading local health writers in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area. She has numerous contacts in the field of medicine, health and wellness. 

Wendy Meyeroff started working as a reporter and was the managing editor of health care magazines in the 80s. She segued into business-to-business advertising and then to public relations. Early on, she found that she could write not only clinical materials but also for the lay public.  Indeed, Wendy found that she had a definite knack for "consumer-speak," a skill that is lacking among most medical writers.

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Think true collaboration for building better health care really exists? Think again. The authors of "From Competition to Collaboration" Robert H. Sachs and Tracy L. Duberman tell Partners in Health and Biz co-host Wendy #Meyeroff why ALL #businesses--in #healthcare, #tech,# transportation, #computers and more--need to truly listen to each other.

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