​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Looking for a great way to                                                celebrate the beginning of fall                                                         

with cooler temperatures,  

beautiful fall foilage and fresh                                                     air?

​​If so, join us on our Walk of Healing,                                                    in a truly amazing and magnificent park!               

Our next Walk of Healing is scheduled for Saturday, March 16, 2019, 10:30 am the Benjamin Banneker Historic Park - 300 Oella Ave., Catonsville, MD  21228

                                                     (Adults Only!)

We will meet promptly in front of the museum, which is the first building to your right, after entering the park.

If interested in joining us on this Walk of Healing, becoming a volunteer or starting  your own Walk of Healing group, register by visiting:


For more information, call: (443)742-5669 or (410) 404-8026. 
Registration includes a Walk of Healing T-shirt that may be purchased on-line or on-site, the day of the walk. 

          We Walk to Reflect, Release and Receive God's                                                                  Blessings!


Games Can Stop Being Fun

Over one 20-year period, gambling rose from 20% of seniors to 50%. Admittedly gambling isn’t automatically destructive. It’s not unusual for seniors (and others) to schedule regular events at a local resort or even treat themselves to traveling to places like Las Vegas.

                                            So the key isn’t always how often someone                                                    gambles; it’s how destructive the gaming becomes.                                              Here are a few warning signs from the Nevada Council                                         on Problem Gambling for both gamblers and                                                         loved ones:  Family should start wondering                                                           what’s happening as their budget keeps losing                                                        unexpected dollars...and not from any emergency or                                            agreed upon extra expense.

Gamblers need to admit they’re getting angry, abusive, excuse-making for no decent reasons. Loved ones need to start admitting they see such behaviors and determine if a loved one has slipped into regularly lying.
Has a loved one abandoned their regular hobbies and/or fitness activities?
Another warning: Seniors may actually show signs of dementia as they forget they’re losing money, and so just keep gambling.

Remember: destructive gambling is considered an illness and needs treatment. One simple resource: the Gamblers Anonymous website. It can help you find local meetings and even has a “Talk to someone now” icon.

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We’re Not “Kid-neying” ‘Bout Organ Safety

​​​A WALK OF HEALING  -  March 2019

​Because March is National Kidney Month, we thank the National Kidney Foundation for some key insights and reminders regarding kidney health.
                What kidney disease can cause:

Heart attack and other heart/artery issues
Weak bones (osteoporosis)
High blood pressure
Anemia (low red blood cells)
And ultimately stroke and/or total kidney failure

                    Your risk factors
Of course you need to be cautious if you have                                                  a family, history, but even without that, three                                                    key conditions put you at risk.​ First if you                                              already have high blood pressure and/or                                      diabetes. And if you’re age 60 or older,                                                        that’s another risk.

                        Warning signs
Don’t pass these off. Get a check-up!
Any body swelling, such as hands, ankles, feet and/or your abdomen.
Bloody or foamy urine
Puffy eyes
Increased thirst
Pain while urinating or having difficulties​​

If you’re totally fatigued that alone may be a warning, but especially if your tiredness comes with any of the others.To remember these details you can access this quick infographic. For more info, check the Foundation’s site: kidney.org. Their toll-free helpline #: 1-855-653-2273






                              Gail Dixon     &     Wendy Meyeroff



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Every 1st and 3rd Sat. of each month 10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. with Wendy

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  The following are a few of the National Health Observances                                           for March 1- 31, 2019

Nutrition Month

Brain Injury Month

Kidney Month

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Athletic Training Month

​Save Your Vision Month

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