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If you would like to be a guest and/or sponsor on my radio show, please visit myGuest/Sponsor page with your name, message, email address, business phone number and the best time for me to contact you.

Partners in Health and Biz Broadcast

 Sponsorship Promotional Rates and Commercials

Commercials may be purchase separately, (scroll to the bottom of this page) or added to the sponsorship packages with a 20% discount off the price of the bundle.


*Live or Pre-recorded (30 minute) radio interview, Promotion on the P.I.H. Radio and Partners in Health and Biz, + *5 minute interview clip.                                                                                            Your Investment - $100.00


*Live or Pre-recorded (45 minute)radio interview,*Promotion on the P.I.H.. Radio Partners in Health and Biz websites, Facebook, Twitter and a *5 minute interview clip.                            Your Investment - $200.00


*Live or Pre-recorded  (60 minute) radio interview, * 5 minute MP3 file intro audio clip of your interview for your website, *Promotion on the P.I.H. Radio and Partners in Health and Biz, Facebook,Twitter +LinkedIn.                                                                                                 Your Investment - $350.00


*Live or Pre- recorded (60 minute) radio interview, *5-minute MP3 audio clip of your interview for your website, * Promotion on the P.I.H. Radio and Partners in Health and Biz websites, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn websites, + 1, 60 sec., custom-produced commercial for your website or other use, aired during 8 live broadcasts.                               Your Investment - $675.00

 Customized Commercial Rates - Not included in Packages


                30 sec.   $300.00

                60 sec.   $350.00


   Sponsorship Services