Felicia D'Haiti

Feng Shui and Soul Coach Trainer 

Soul Transformations, LLC



Interviews on PIHradio.net  - 7/22/17

Show Title:Create Balance and Positive Healing in Your Life

Jacquelyn Cannon

Pres. and C.E.O

U Get Fit 2 Fight, LLC

Lane Cobb

​Life Coach


Greg and Anthony "Doug" Lawrence

Fashion Promoters

Dr. Hazel Denise Glasper

Dentist - Revive Smile Dental

2600 Longstone Ln # 101, Marriottsville, MD 21104
Phone: (410) 992-8780

Dr. Steven Haymon, Ed.D
Author of: Stress - Overcoming Real-Life Issues with God​

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 My Guest/Sponsors!   

​​ During the last seven years of hosting the Partners in Health and Biz radio show, these are just a few of the many guests/sponsors that I have interviewed since September 25, 2011.

Dr. Marilyn Blackston

Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist/Wellness Coach



Interviewed on 4/22/17

Show Title: Living with Allergies with Dr. Marilyn Blackston

Kristen Harper
Perfect Health Consulting Services

Show Title:The Three Health Myths that Should Disappear

Interviewed on PIHradio.net - 8/12/17

Dr. John P. Collins, DO

 Maryland Spine & Sports Medicine

5005 Signal Bell Ln Ste 208, Clarksville, MD 21029 
(443) 535-9900