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Walk of Healing Fundraising 

If an organization prefers to purchase 100 T-shirts at wholesale, the cost will be $10.00 per T-shirt.

​For example: If an organization purchases 100 T-shirts at $10.00 wholesale an sells those T-shirts for $20.00 per T-shirt, they will make a $1,000.00 profit.

The retail price per T-shirt is $20.00 each, and includes sizes, S, M, L & XL.

​Additional Costs

 2XL to 5XL are

$25.00 -$30.00, retail.

The cost of the T-shirt retails at $20.00 per shirt.

In return 50% of the proceeds will go to your organization.

An organization that sells 100 T-shirts (by taking orders) will receive $750.00.

Any additional sell of more than 100 T-shirts, will be $7.50 added per shirt.

This will be 30-day fundraising effort, to place orders of 100 T-shirts!

If interested in joining a Walk of Healing, becoming a volunteer or starting your own Walk of Healing group, please contact us via email:

For More Information, contact us at: 443-742-5669 or 410-404-8026.

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