Upcoming Walk of Healing Events

​             Our next Walk of Healing is scheduled for Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 10:30 am
                                    The Benjamin Banneker Historic Park
                  300 Oella Ave., Catonsville, MD  21228 - 10:30 a.m.
weather permitting.

(Adults Only!)

We will meet promptly in front of the museum, which is the first building to your right, after entering the park.


If interested in joining us on this Walk of Healing, becoming a volunteer or starting  your own Walk of Healing group, register by visiting: www.partnersinhealth.biz/walk-of-healing-info. For more information, call: (443)742-5669 or (410) 404-8026. 

Registration includes a Walk of Healing T-shirt that may be purchased on-line or on-site, the day of the walk.

Walk of Healing is a 30-minute, slow-paced, meditative walk for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.  It allows you to enjoy the essence and beauty of nature in a peaceful, quiet and relaxing setting.  *We walk one in front of the other, with a distance of  6 -7 feet between each walker.*


Emotional Healing - Have you ever had a day when you felt that everything was going wrong and you couldn’t understand why certain untimely events happened that day? Well you may just need to take A Walk of Healing to unwind and relax your mind.

Quiet, stress-free walking will help you release the worries and tensions of the day and allow you time to think and make sense of your day, allowing your mind to focus on peace and tranquility.

Spiritual Healing - Walking helps you  get in touch with your spirituality and hear God’s voice. In this world of internet, cell phones, television and family responsibilities, we often do not take time to be still and listen. We need to receive our marching orders -- direction for our lives.

Many times God is trying to get our attention, and would, if we will only slowdown and quiet our minds.

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By:Gail L. Dixon                                                                             

Many of us know that walking is an excellent form of exercise.  In fact, aside from swimming, walking is actually one of the best low-impact aerobic exercises that can be done indoors or outdoors. However, walking outside in nature will benefit you most.

But did you know that walking is not just wonderful exercise? It also promotes natural physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

 Physical Healing
 - Walking, whether at a slow, moderate or fast pace strengthens the heart muscles, improves blood circulation throughout the body, tones and firms the legs and waistline, reduces belly fat, helps you lose weight and improves your quality of sleep, just to name a few physical areas of healing.


Reflect- Our days are often long; filled with challenges and obstacles to overcome.
As we review our day, week or month, and walk,
we meditate and reflect on the issues before us that we must confront and resolve. Where are we going?  What should we do? What does this all mean?
We have so many questions as we seek the answers, and thus,
we reflect.

Release  - Once we identify these issues, problems or obstacles, we pray to God and release our worries and concerns to Him to handle, as one would release a dove of peace to freedom.

Receive– Finally, after we have reflected and released, we open our heart, mind and spirit to receive God’s direction, wisdom, knowledge and peace, believing that God is working everything out for our good.

And this is why we walk!

We must turn off the distractions of life and listen to hear His voice. 

We must turn off the distractions of life and listen to hear His voice. 

Walking alone or quietly with a friend, is one of the best ways to receive the blessing of spiritual healing.

As you begin your walk of healing, take time to focus on the areas of healing that you need, and remember to mediate on how walking will benefit each of those areas of your life.

 Walking outdoors should be done in the cool of the morning, during the spring and summer months. If the weather is hot and humid, you may also choose to walk in the evening, an hour or two before sunset.

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