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Gail Dixon-McBride is the founder/producer and co-host of the “Partners in Health and Biz” radio show, which celebrated eight years of broadcasting on Sept. 25, 2019. Gail began her voice over career in 2017, creating customized audio commercials, audio books and a variety of audio productions for her clients. She specializes in health and wellness.  Her multiple years of experience as a health and wellness consultant makes her one of the leading local health writers in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area. She has numerous contacts in the field of medicine, health and wellness. 

If you've been working out every day, doing cardio aerobics to lose weight and tighten and firm your body, you may have noticed that your efforts are somewhat disappointing.

Aerobics may be good for your heart, brain, and muscles, but if you want to actually change the shape of your body, strength training combined with low to moderate cardio workouts is the way to go.

 Shape and Change Your Body

with Strength Training   

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