​​​​​​​​​         Health and Wellness - Walk of Healing Mission Statement

Our mission for the Walk of Healing is to promote walking outdoors, in the beauty of nature. We feel that by surrounding ourselves with God's creation, this will help people become spiritually, mentally, and physically stable.

Walk of Healing was designed to be used as a form of therapy for individuals who may be going through various life challenges. This will help walkers become more conscious and in touch with God and themselves.

The Walk is a silent, slow-paced, relaxed walk, focusing on the sights and sounds of nature. Walkers will be walking in line, behind one another, instead of side-by-side, with a distance of about 6 feet.

By getting away from the everyday cares of life, nature walks will help people experience a sense of peace and serenity with God.


           Who We Are and How it All Began...

A Walk of Healing is a ministry that was founded by President and C.E.O. Eljay McBride, Jr.

The coordinator and C.O.O. is Eljay’s wife, Gail Dixon-McBride.

In the words of the founder: “The Walk of Healing originated one day during the Spring of 2010 while I was walking through Benjamin Banneker Park in Catonsville, Maryland.

I was feeling depressed and as if a weight was on my shoulders.

I started to walk and hoped that I would feel better. I walked for about 15 minutes.

​As I walked, I began to observe the sounds of nature and the sights that God had created. 

Suddenly, I began to feel more peaceful, and lighter, as though weights were being lifted off my shoulders.

Next, I walked near an area where I heard a stream of water, and I began to feel even lighter on my feet.

As I walked, a thought came to my mind, ‘WOW,’ Walk of Healing. I began to visualize a T-shirt with the words Walk of Healing on the front of it.

The walk was healing to me; spiritually, mentally and physically. So, I called it, ‘Walk of Healing.’”​

About 5 years later, Eljay met his helpmate, Gail, and they began to put their thoughts and creative talents together to establish the Walk of Healing ministry, a spiritual, mental, and physical nature walk.

So, this is who we are, and how it all began.​​